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We're Fred and Diana Duerr.  Fred is originally from Minnesota, and is a retired university professor with a PhD. in Comparative Physiology.  He taught in several universities and colleges during his 50 year career, and during that time also owned a few restaurants, built townhouses, dabbled in mining, and once owned the largest frozen food warehouse on the west coast.  Given the opportunity, he will tell tall tales, all true.

If you are interested in the environment, or science in general, check out Fred's book, "Water: Guide to Humanity's relationships with the one substance we cannot live without."  It is available at

Diana is a native Oregonian. She lived most of her life in Pendleton, the Round-Up City, where once a year the population doubles, the sweet scents of cows, horses, and beer waft by, and one of the biggest rodeos in the world takes place.  She has worked primarily in the computer business, and in secretarial and bookkeeping roles.

Both of us spent most of our lives with music.  In fact, we met while playing in a symphony orchestra.  And we read.  A lot.  Diana always has a book going, and Fred likes to have several, one in each room of the house.  One wonders how he keeps it all straight.  Probably he doesn't.  We have books everywhere.  When we moved to Newport, Oregon in 2003, we brought 200 boxes of books.  That's about the time we started selling used books online.  There is probably a connection...

Sadie is our companion, helper, and constant source of amusement and consternation.

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Updated 2/17/2014